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Dilation Bead Keychain for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Dilation Bead Keychain for Labor and Delivery Nurses

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Focal Bead

These are dilation progression beads. Each bead is 1 centimeter in diameter exactly. So each bead shows each stage of dilation. I wanted to incorporate pink and blue for boys and girls. So I started with red to represent 1 CM which also means you’re at the beginning of labor, hence the red, then I tried my best to fade the red, to pink, to white, to green to blue. However the last head is neon green to show that it’s GO time. Since green means go, it was only fitting. The whole length of the beads together shows 10 cm. It’s amazing what our bodies do to bring a baby into this world. These are great to gift to your nurses as a thank you after labor, or for a new labor and delivery nurse friend, or for any nurses who want to be able to show their patients where they are at in their labor journey.

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